Tuesday, August 19, 2008

--Little Chubby Mario--
(maybe this is him before he finds a mushroom?)
I'm still a huge Mario and Super Mario fan. ol' skool..

Hey Everybody! awesome pieces =)
I'm excited to be part of this blog..
great inspiration and it's forcing me to work- yay!


Frank said...

haha, he looks so confused!
"hey.. this doesn't kill turtles!"

Allen Song said...

Cool sketch, Beth. How's everything up there? Hope you guys are doing good! I hella like Super Mario Brothers too. When he wears the frog suit. That's hella funny.

Jelter said...

sweeet. looks so cute, like he's wearing diapers or something

Ry guy said...

He is JUST ADORABLE! I could kiss him on the lips.

Betty said...

thanks guys!
I think he IS wearing diapers now that you mention it- I was wondering what that smell was... ;]

MAA said...

Woooo its Cute!
I like this MARIOOOO.