Thursday, October 2, 2008

La Llorona

I always have a story, and it always starts the same.
In Mexico.....
Feared even more than the Devil, is a woman. A woman who was married to a man and had 3 children. Eventually, the man left for work for long periods at a time. When he came home, he spent all his time with his children. Jealous of the love he had for his children she went out one night and drowned them, and then herself. Now she walks the shores and towns crying and searching for her children. It is why they call her the Llorona...The Weeping Woman.

My aunt would tell me that if you turned a dark corner she would be there waiting for you, poke your eyes out and eat them raw. This image I've always had in my head since I can remember as a young child.


Mónico Chávez said...

This is great, Elba! Classic.

La llorona

Frank said...

that's frightening.

Betty said...

creeeeepy! love it.