Monday, September 22, 2008

wish me luck!

okay I wont be able to do this week's and most likely the next couple challenges, because Chris and I are finally MOVING to portland! I'm there this week to lock down a place, then we are moving, (we've been staying with family for the last couple months while chris completes a major deadline)
So I might not be posting for a couple weeks, and wish me luck!!
oh and you all have to come visit when we finally get settled in.
That's an order.


Frank said...

that's exciting news! good luck!!

MAA said...

Good Luck and Enjoy your new life! I wish your luck.

Elba Raquel said...

Things always go good with good people. You guys will be great and I know you two will succeed in your careers!

Mónico Chávez said...

Oregon rocks! Mah fav! Take pictures, Betty!

Jelter said...

have fun, maybe ill see you if i go up there for stumptown!